Answer:  The drinking water supplying may be discontinued for several reasons such as:

  • The water supply main networks or headworks  emergency failures (the networks and facilities operated by GWP);
  • Customer networks emergency failures;
  • Preplanned rehabilitation works in main networks or headworks;
  • Preplanned repair works in customer networks (in such case customer files an advance application to GWP);  
  • Preplanned preventive works (the works done on a regular basis to preserve stability of the water supply system);
  • New networks arrangement/development and connection works;
  • Force majeure circumstances, such as natural calamity, military situation, super severe conditions.

Answer:  Tbilisi networks are obsolete or amortized in many places and require replacement. It is the reason for sudden failures. To prevent the foregoing the company continuously carries out rehabilitation works and gradually replaces obsolete pipes.     

Answer:  In the first half of 20th century it was still possible to define from where drinking water was supplied to different parts of Tbilisi. Now it is impossible as drinking water flows in bulk to Tbilisi from Aragvi gorge and then distributed through the networks. It is important that drinking water supplied to any district of the capital city is of high quality and absolutely consistent with the international standards. 

Answer:  In case of misrepresentation of family head count it is necessary to approach Public Registry Agency which will make adjustment to the family head count based on the customer application. Later on it will be reflected on the water bill by default.  

Answer:  In such case a customer has to apply to GWP. When emergency failure occurs   in the customer-owned private house or flat and the customer has no locking valve to discontinue water supply, the Company, based on the customer notification, is obliged to immediately turn the water off at the main. Such occurrences take place in Tbilisi more often than not.   On the one hand it causes the Company discomfort and on the other hand – the customer frustration.  That is why we ask you to use this opportunity only in cases of emergency.

Answer:  You can call the Hot Line  - 293 11 11 or visit the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/georgianwaterandpower 
and our specialists will establish the reasons and if the problem is related to the Company, corresponding arrangements will be made to regulate water pressure.   

Answer:  Internal network is not a property of GWP therefore customers have to find specialists on their own for the repair.

Answer:  You can call the Hot Line  - 293 11 11,  or approach your district service center.

Addresses of GWP district service centers  :



Answer:  All such cases are considered individually. It is necessary to go to your district service center so that to agree beneficial conditions for you.

Addresses of GWP district service centers:



Answer:  What residents of Tbilisi often consider to be excessive chlorine is actually oxygen bubbles, which due to high pressure give drinking water milky color  when poured into vessel. It is absolutely harmless for health. If you leave the vessel with water for a while oxygen comes to surface and water becomes transparent. While it is impossible to see chlorine dissolved into water. 

Answer:  In such case you have to visit the district service center of the Company and submit the apartment ownership certificate issued by the Public Registry and your ID.

Addresses of GWP district service centers :



Answer:  The customer head count definition and fixed head count billing is based on the Public Registry database. In particular each customer is billed in accordance with the head count of persons registered by the specific address.   

Answer:  After you pay the water bill you have to visit Telasi and submit the payment confirmation document.


  • Working days: from 09:00 to 18:00

  • Saturday:  from 10:00 to 14:00.


Answer:  If you are a legal entity (organization, commercial entity), you have to visit the Company district service center.

If you are a natural person, you have to call the Company’s Hot Line (293 11 11).

Addresses of GWP :




  • მცხეთაში, დავით აღმაშენებელის ქ. N 59 თან წყალსადენის ქსელზე დაზიანების აღდგენითი სამუშაოების ჩატარების მიზნით, 12:00-დან 15:00-მდე: წყალმოამრაგება შეუწყდება:
    უპის, ანტიოქიის, სანაპიროს, თავდადებულის, მამულაშვილის, კოსტავას, გამსახურდიას, არსუკიძის, კალანდაძის, ერეკლე IIმ იბერიელის, კარიბჭის, კანდელაკის და აღმაშენებლის ქ. N1-19