“Mtskheta Water”


“Mtskheta Water”, together with “Georgian Water and Power” and “Rustavi Water”, is a member of one and the same investment group, rendering water supply service to 2,520 customers in Mtskheta (population) and 90 budgetary organizations and commercial objects. Every month “Mtskheta Water” buys 490,992 m3 of drinking water from “Georgian Water and Power”.

Starting from September, 2008, water supply of Mtskheta is being carried out in uninterrupted mode, unlike previous years, when Mtskheta population had a strict water supply schedule.


“Mtskheta Water”, with technical assistance of “Georgian Water and Power” has recently carried out rehabilitation of several central water conduits and simultaneously eliminated all major emergency faults in water supply and sewerage networks; as well as rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage networks in Mukhrani, Miriani, Gamarjveba and Borjomi streets.

“Mtskheta Water” has fully renewed billing information data and adjusted number of its customers. The company offers the population favorable restructuring program of old debts as well.