• Uninterrupted water supply in Tbilisi. 
  • To lift restrictions on water supply.
  • Introduction of modern, progressive and ecollogically safe technologies for producing water, which will be most effective in the process of raw water treatment from biocontamination. Georgian Water and Power undertakes to introduce modern technologies, restore and reconstruct facilities of drainage systems and not to allow discharge of contaminated water to the River Mtkvari.
  • To arrange the drainage system and turn it into sanitary and ecollogically safe zone of the city’s population which means that after passing the drainage system to free the waste waters of Tbilisi and its neighborehood from organic and nonorganic contamination.
  • To increase the reliability of Zhinvali – Grmagele tunnel, to rehabilitate raw water stations and distribution network, as well as to rehabilitate the infiltration (spreading) sites
  • To minimize local faults and emergencies
  • To establish storage of raw water in Zhinvali and Tbilisi reservoirs for Tbilisi water supply system
  • To control water discharge from water storage reservoir into the active riverbed of River Mtkvari and deliver it to Tbilisi filter stations.
  • To carry out those urgent works which imply connections and underground communications of new buildings to water supply system of the city
  • To develop a new metering program
  • To develop a flexible debt recovery system for the residential sector