Commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency


There are two mechanisms that make our commitment to ethics and integrity effective. One is the Code of Ethics and Conduct , the highest-ranking standard that establishes the guidelines of conduct to be followed by all members of the organization. Another, the Ethical Channel , through which any conduct that may imply a breach of our Code of Ethics is communicated.


Code of Ethics and Conduct


"Georgian Water and Power" as a company related with FCC Aqualia S.A has adopted and applies the FCC Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct, the highest-ranking standard within "Georgian Water and Power" establishes the guidelines of conduct that guide the actions and behavior of our professionals in matters of an ethical, social and environmental nature . Its purpose is to encourage all persons linked to "Georgian Water and Power"  to be guided by behavior guidelines with the highest level of demand in the commitment to comply with laws, regulations, contracts, procedures and ethical principles.


It includes issues related, among others, to corruption and bribery. In addition to dealing with issues such as human rights , the development of human capital , safety and health in the workplace and respect for the environment . It is applicable to all employees, managers, suppliers and contractors who collaborate with us.


In addition, the Code of Ethics enhances the organizations corporate culture , to the extent that it has been formulated with the purpose of unifying and reinforcing its identity, culture and behavior patterns. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct implements the values ​ in a practical way, enables a culture of compliance to be strengthened and supports the creation of long-term value for our project.


This Code is mandatory for all persons linked to "Georgian Water and Power", whether they are employees, managers, suppliers or contractors, regardless of the contractual modality that determines their employment relationship, position they occupy or geographical area in which they carry out their work.




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