Main procedural issuesstated in the applications of citizens filed to GWP head office

Those who wish to connect to the water supply/sewage systems shall fill in Annex 1 approved by GNERC resolution #9/2 dated 29 March, 2012 (Application for connecting new customer to water supply system).


The application for new customer connection to water supply system shall be supported only by the following documents:

-         Copy of the applicant’s ID;

-         Extract from the Entrepreneurial Register (in case of legal entity);

-         Extract from the Public Register or any document verifying registration of the ownership right;

-         Document verifying the payment of 50 % of connection cost, or in case of connecting to water supply system multi-family residential house house – the document verifying payment of 100 % of the connection cost; 

-         Explanatory note on the water supply of the object pending connection verified by the designing company, which is developed on the basis of the architectural and construction data of the approved project design.




  • Immediately upon filing an application the citizen will receive registration paper with instruction: please wait for SMS notification.

  • In response to the application the citizen will receive standard SMS notification saying that the corresponding answer has been prepared.