“Georgian Water and Power “company put into effect new form of billing for metered customers throughout Tbilisi.

The project, provides the customers with more flexible and civilized billing for water supply and sewage services. In particular the Company’s representative will take meter reading once in a quarter while in interim period (during two months) the specific customer will be billed in accordance with average consumption (estimated billing). At the end of the quarter, when a representative of the Company takes realistic reading, the billed amount will be adjusted in accordance with the meter reading.

In order to join the project “Georgian Water and Power “ company concluded agreements with the metered customers. In parallel, in order to take into account the customers’ interests as much as possible, the Company has launched since today Internet portal of It is accessible for each customer who signed the agreement by a unique password. The password will be notified by SMS to the cell phone number indicated in the agreement. Confidentiality of customer data will be protected to the maximum and the customers will get updated passwords on a monthly basis.

The customers with estimated billing will be able to contact online “Georgian Water and Power“through the portal and sent the meter real reading, which will be automatically recorded in the Company’s billing system. Thereby based on the meter reading notified by the customer the billed amount will be adjusted. But still the Company representative will take meter reading once in a quarter.

Please visit the web portal on following link: