The tariff established for water supply and sewerage system services should include not only water quality and service, but also rehabilitation, prevention and urgent works of different types.

From 2008, it is GNERC’s jurisdiction to establish tariffs for water supply and sewerage systems and make any changes in them.


Cost of service for residential sector for Tbilisi and Mtskheta city:


1. Fixed tariff for unmetered consumption – GEL 4.518 per capita, from which:

      - Tariff for water supply – GEL 3.528 
      - Tariff for passing – treatment – GEL 0.990


2. Tariff for metered consumption – GEL 0.500 per 1m3, from which:

     - Tariff for supply of 1m3 water – GEL 0.391 
     - Tariff for passing – treatment of waste water – GEL 0.110 


Tariffs for Organizations and Commercial Sector:

Tariff for metered consumption  - GEL 6.503  per 1m3, from which:


    - Tariff for supply 1m3 water – GEL 5.080 
    - Tariff for passing-treatment 1m3 waste water – GEL 1.423


Tariff for water supply and sewage service has not changed for organizations and commercial sector and it remains the same as it was prior to privatization of the company.